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To speed up the development of wisdom through disseminating research on praxomics including developmental rubrics for any human skill and to help others create, test, and inspire learning and creativity through the use of developmental rubrics.

Changing Wisdoms

Wisdom has always been slow to emerge. The world is changing faster than we can develop the wisdom necessary to respond appropriately. There are ways to develop wisdom faster. Our very survival demands their use. Changing Wisdoms offers a new perspective on wisdoms. Discover how rich they are, how they grow, where they can be found, the stimuli for change and how to cultivate them.

  • Learn the succession model and how to use it in research on indvidual and historical development.
  • Discover wisdoms of local people through the collaborative writing of the Capturing WIsdoms Writing Group
  • Experience how developmental rubrics capture lifetimes of experience in a group of concepts small enough to be remembered and used everyday.
  • Enjoy developmental rubrics for dozens of human activities. Learn how mastery of an activity develops. Imitate the actions identified by the rubrics. Use the rubrics to understand your own or someone else's progress. Enrich the options you have for doing or understanding an activity. Start your appreciation now by visiting the wisdom profiles.
  • The RuBlog (pronounced roo-blog and standing for rubrics web log) describes enhancements to the theory and practice of changing wisdoms
    • Explores connections between profile rubrics and concepts from state-of-the-art literature reviews in psychology, management and other human sciences by visiting the section on research enhancements.
    • Learn how effective leadership is not what people have thought.
    • Learn how to use developmental rubrics and the succession model to enrich educational practices in the section on educational enhancements.
    • Learn how developmental rubrics and the succession model can enrich your life in the section on life enhancements.
  • Contact us for unique services that will preserve, enhance, disseminate and create wisdom for yourself or your organization.
  • Learn the scientific background of developmental rubrics and their connection with assessment issues in western society.
  • Read recent papers on special applications of developmental rubrics.
  • If you are already a master of an activity, compare your own experience with our masters. Learn how to create your own profile. Make a contribution to our knowledge of wisdom: send your profile to Changing Wisdoms at ddirlam@changingwisdoms.com.
  • Changing the Faces and Places of ChangingWisdoms


Praxomics is the study, design, and interpretation of modes of practice. It is described in detail in my 2017 book published by Routledge and now available in paperback and inexpensive ebook.

Teachers, Learners, Modes of Practice: Theory and Methodology for Identifying Knowledge Development

Capturing Wisdoms

Fuquay-Varina's Capturing Wisdoms Writing Group grew out of a new commitment of mine to turn my focus to local knowledge. This focus on a small town recognizes that all knowledge is local. From at least the time of Cicero, a Roman who lived a few generations before the common era,  those interested in knowledge have known that human memory depends on loci, where things happen and where we learned of them. In middle months of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are just three of us in this group: Nancy Lee King, Valerie Macon, and I. We write nonfiction stories about our community. 

Joshua's Wisdoms

I wrote most of these website pages for research psychologists. Joshua's Wisdoms is an average length novel (~70,000 words) written for anybody interested in how knowledge develops. This first novel in my Joshua trilogy focuses on insights from 60 inspiring designers that I interviewed during my time at Savannah College of Art and Design. The second volume, Joshua's Teachings, is in progress.

The blurb for Joshua's Wisdoms is below and I hope it to become available in 2021. I'm looking for an agent now. I will update this page with progress. 

Humanity is not ready for the next two decades of progress in home and workplace robots. Joshua’s Wisdoms is a realistic novel about how we will design, create, and adapt to the changes. Joshua is an IAM, an Inspiring Android Model, the culmination by 2036 of two decades of progress in designing and creating intelligent, emotional, and ultimately conscious helpers of humanity. Joshua writes the story of his kind from his own point of view. His foremost goal is to save the lives and freedoms of his kind. If unsuccessful, his backup plan is to detail the transformations in design processes that enabled him and give a vision for humanity of the value of collaborating with his kind in homes and workplaces. He hopes also to leave a legacy to humanity of his discoveries about their development and history using proverbs of wisdoms and follies in his stories.

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